The Edge of Desire

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Set in the 1990s,The Edge Of Desirecommences with a description of the VIP cell at Tihar jail, where Shruti Rajan was being detained. Shruti, the newly-married wife of Rohit Verma, the Deputy Commissioner of Kishanganj in Bihar, was a journalist who was the victim of a ruthless rape. Her assailant was Salim Yadav, a notorious man with strong political backing. Determined to seek justice, she encounters only dismissals and postponement at the hands of the corrupt state government. She joins politics to ensure Salims conviction and slowly grows to be a champion for women everywhere. She slowly refocuses on improving the nations security for women, and works towards changing the rape laws in the country. Throughout her crusade, she faces many emotional and marital problems, and is eventually deserted by her husband as well. The one person who stands by her is Sharad Malviya, a leading politician who takes her under his wings. He serves as her guide and mentor during her foray into the complex world of politics, and supports her steadfastly.. A poignant and inspiring read, The Edge Of Desire chronicles Shrutis troubled and heartbreaking story, and her fight against the outdated rules of the society and the machinations of politics. Published in 2012 by Hachette India, this gripping page-turner serves as a motivation for all women to stand up for themselves.

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