The Diary of a Young Girl

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The diary was a gift Anne Frank received on her thirteenth birthday. While a small part of the diary depicts the picture of a young girl in her growing years, the other part describes her life in hiding in the secret annex. The diary was written during the times when the influence of the Nazi party of Germany was looming large. When the Nazis started attacking closer to home, the family of Anne Frank was forced to go into hiding in the back of an Amsterdam warehouse. They were joined by another family and Mr. Dussel. Whatever transpired during those times, always found their way into her diary. The Diary Of A Young Girl is a revelation, a true portrayal of the Holocaust and an account of the lives of people from the perspective of a young girl. In her diary, she pens down her relationship with her parents, her sister, and the members of the other family, particularly the quiet Peter. In her diary, she speaks about her feelings and of loneliness, boredom, intense emotions, and her nature. It gives a clear picture of the lives of the people in a world of imposed restrictions. The diary was originally written in Danish. It was published in the English language in the year 1952 under the title The Diary Of A Young Girl. Anne Frank perhaps never knew the tremendous impact her diary would make after being published. It was translated into many languages and its English translation paved the way for its widespread popularity. The diary was adapted into a 1955 play by screenwriters Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. It was later adapted by them into a movie in 1959. Over the years, many films and plays were made on Anne Frank. The book ranks high in the lists of top books in many places even today.

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