Every Second Counts

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The quintessence of his lifes experiences,Every Second Countsis a book that provides an insiders view of how a professional team is created and run. It provides wholesome information about the sport of cycling, for the uninitiated. The rigors of training and the complexities of incorporating young riders and blending them successfully into a competitive team are all part of the ethos that Lance Armstrong presents. The book is rich with the talk of the emotions, fears, and travails associated with the professional world that Armstrong dominated, even at a time when the arena was rich with talent. The book provides some insights into his emotions as he juxtaposes the highs and the lows that he has been through, including his victories and his failed marriage, and even the allegations of drug usage. Though guarded while talking about his personal life, he talks about his unsuccessful marriage. He also expresses his feelings about parenthood, and shares his perspective on victory and loss, religion, and his philosophy of life. Armstrong mentions that overcoming cancer, one of mankinds most dreaded enemies, has had a terrific impact on his thinking. He instills a sense of obligation in all his readers and tells them to reach out to other cancer patients, who need monetary and emotional help. The book contains details of the work that he has done for his cancer foundation. Every Second Counts was written in collaboration with Sally Jenkins and released in 2003. The book has been written in narrative style and received a mainly positive response upon its release.

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