Isaac Newton Man Behind Gravity

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One of the most renowned physicists of all time, Sir Isaac Newton is also credited as a great mathematician, astronomer natural philosopher, alchemist and theologian. He laid down the groundwork for most of classical mechanics. He described universal graviton and the three laws of motion used in science till date. Newton also laid down the principles of conservation of both momentum and angular momentum, built the first practical reflecting telescope, developed the differential and integral calculus (along with Gottfried Leibniz) and contributed to the study of power series.s. He studied at the Kings School, Gotham from 12 to 17 years of age where his learning & mechanical proficiency won him some attention. Newton made many discoveries and one of the most important theory, the Theory of Gravitation earned him a great name and later invention of Reflecting Telescope in 1668 brought him into full view of the scientific Until his death, Newton was president of the Royal Society and during this period he was knighted in Cambridge by Queen Annes. A statue of Isaac Newton looking at an apple at his feet at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History is the inspiration for whole world.

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