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Raman's life could get no better. He has a gorgeous wife, Shagun, a smart son, Arjun, and an adorable daughter, Roohi. As the years pass however, he becomes engrossed in his work and Shagun begins to feel restless. When she decides to work, she meets Raman's boss Ashok. Ashok can barely resist his lusty desire for Shagun, and he makes her a proposal she cannot refuse. Sparks fly between them and they begin a secret affair, one that rocks Shagun and Raman's marriage. Raman's paths cross with the wise and generous Ishita, recently divorced. Scarred because of her husband's betrayal as soon as he found out she was infertile, Ishita finds a second chance in Raman's arms. However, as Raman and Shagun part ways, beginning a disastrous divorce, their children become the battlefield for their hatred. Both will do anything to win custody, but what will remain of their children's own choices now that their parents despise each other?

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