Maximum Achievement

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Achieving success in life is everyone�s dream, yet it always seems an elusive pursuit.Maximum Achievement: Strategies & Skills That Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers To Succeeddefines seven ingredients for success, and then sets about explaining how to achieve these. The ingredients are Peace of Mind, Health and Energy, Loving Relationships, Financial Freedom, Worthy Goals and Ideals, Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness, and Personal Fulfilment. One of the most important steps towards achieving these ideals is goal setting. Everyone needs to have a goal, a purpose in life, a target towards which they are moving. Life without any goals is like a ship without a rudder, perpetually in danger of being wrecked on the rocks. To define a goal, one needs to know exactly what one wants in life. Then, they have to plan to achieve that goal and execute that plan well. The book lists certain rules for goal setting. These rules ensure that the goals set are worthy and can enrich their lives The first rule is that goals must be in harmony with each other. Conflicting goals defeat their purpose and just result in confusion. The goals should also be challenging, to motivate the person to test their limits, and stretch their skills. Goals should be both tangible and intangible, quantitative and qualitative. To reach the ideal vision that the person has for their life, they must also learn to set both long term and short term goals. They should also learn to continually renew their goals or set new ones. Because, if one feels that they have nothing more to achieve, they stop growing. Maximum Achievement: Strategies & Skills That Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers To Succeed explains over the course of the book the various skills and attitudes needed to plan and achieve the ideal vision the reader has of their life. It teaches the skill and art of goal setting, the seven laws of mental mastery, the art of parenting and the power of love. The book gives practical advice and leads the reader every step of the way on the path to Maximum Achievement. The path to success in life is accessible to everyone, and this book shows how to travel up that path.

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