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Come, now, let me answer my next question. What was the name of your goat? "
"Look, all the brothers are standing here, they all have their own pet name would be something-something. Cute-cute names. Is not it? For example ... "
A villager, who specializes in blowing in every thing was fun, quickly said, "my cat" Queen "and his ox couple of calls a" mild "and" fancy "!"
"This is something! Now Chhaku brother, tell you the name of your beloved deceased goat. It should be very exciting. "
Chhaku hangs the neck.
"You were the detritus of love-it has now become clear. Secondly, we will be pleased to state that yesterday you had this very specific goat fed? "
Chhaku were green and looked swollen extremities.
"Cheese cake? Casserole? Plate filled dumplings? The last thing you ate what was it? Huh? "
Standing in the crowd on some very smart people thought should have a laugh and he did so.
-isi Novel
Manoj Das to entertain the reader that the author can make him laugh or cry, happy or sad, can not. Endowed with the same characteristics presented novel "sky-signs' inconsistencies of current society, Slam, in layman's pathetically and expose black deeds of white society.

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