Siege of Mithila Book Two of the Ramayana

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Siege Of Mithila is the second book in Ashok K. Bankers Ramayana series, a collection of novels retelling the mythological epic of Ramayana which was written over 3000 years ago. In this book, the author picks up the storyline from its predecessor, The Prince Of Ayodhya, and puts the city of Mithila in the spotlight. The demon hordes have set out towards Ayodhya at the behest of their master, Ravana. They are rapidly gaining ground and razing everything en route. But, the denizens of one city in their path, the city of Mithila, are on a mission of their own to stop the demons from proceeding further. Armed with their own valiance and the support of Rama, the crown prince of Ayodhya, they are all set to rally against the armies of darkness and destruction. Rama might just have an ace secret weapon at his command, but only if fortune is kind enough to favour him. While the narrative centres on the siege at Mithila, the incidents occurring in Ayodhya are also explored in parallel. Also, there are several other subplots and side stories weaved intricately into the main plot. This edition of the book is a 2005 reprint by Penguin.

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