Armies of Hanuman Book four of the Ramayana

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Armies Of Hanuman begins with a secret watcher in the forest observing Rama and his small band of warriors, as they plan strategies for the battle they know is coming. Rama managed to drive away the Rakshasa hordes in Janasthana, but the war is not over yet. In fact, it is just the beginning. Supanakha, spurned and humiliated by Rama and Lakshmana, her lust for the handsome brothers unsatiated, and now disfigured, plans revenge. Meanwhile, the Rakshasas have marshaled their forces and are coming. The army, led by Trisiras, is around 2000 strong, many times the size of Ramas small band of forest dwellers who have all banded together under his leadership, to drive off the Rakshasas. This time, they know it is going to be different, and many are afraid that it will end badly for them and want to leave. But they stay back, having faith in Rama. After the battle, it seems a time of peace and happiness for the forest dwellers. Rama and Sita enjoy aree free of worries and wars for few days. The worst is yet to come. Supanakha decides she needs help from the highest authority, her cousin Ravana, the leader of the Rakshasas and the ruler of the beautiful island kingdom of Lanka. There, she manipulates her brother cleverly. Without ever revealing her own lust for Rama, she plays on her brothers vulnerabilities. She convinces him to unwittingly join in her own personal vendetta. The brother and sister then devise a plot that will upset the idyllic life that Rama, Sita and Lakshmana are enjoying, a period of quiet after the storm of the several battles against the Rakshasa armies.
Unaware of all this, the exiles from Ayodhya are enjoying each others company and the beauty of the forest. Time is running out, but they are blissfully ignorant, and lost in the moment. Soon, events will unfold that will test all the great characteristics of Rama, and lead him to find new allies in a desperate quest. Armies Of Hanuman nicely sets up the scenario for the coming disaster and the epic war that is still to come.

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