Battle For Bittora

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In Battle For Bittora, Jinni, all of twenty five years, works in a cool and happening animation studio. She is content being independent and carefree till her grandmother Pushpa Pande turns up all of a sudden. The catch? Jinni has to leave for their hometown of Bittora to contest for a seat in the upcoming elections to the Lok Sabha! In spite of all her resistance, Jinni gets caught up in a whirlpool of emotions, sensations and unexpected experiences. As Sarojini Pande from the famous Pavit Pradesh Pande dynasty, she has to wear cotton saris, deal with corruption, allegations of nymphomania and nerve wracking heat. Battle For Bittora pits former royal Zain Altaf Khan against Jinni who is drool worthy but extremely idealistic. Battle For Bittora brings Jinni to an unfathomable climax of sorts when her childhood sweetheart Zain comes into the picture. Even though Jinni is swarmed by sycophants and election aides, she rediscovers her attraction and love for Zain. The dusty and hot lands of Bittora form an unconventional backdrop for their blossoming love story. However, each of them tries to outsmart the other in their race for power. Battle For Bittora is Indian to its very core and displays politics and its rotten underbelly in a light handed manner. Special mention must be made of Pushpa Pande who keeps readers laughing throughout the novel with her brand of accented English or Hinglish. Anuja Chauhan�s book stands out for its mischievous sense of humour and its tantalizing romanticism.

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