Bridge of Rama Book five of the Ramayana

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Bridge Of Rama details Sitas imprisonment at the hands of Ravana, the rakshasa king. In Bankers story, Rama must rescue Sita with the help of his vanar companion Hanuman. Rama and Hanuman put together a massive army for this purpose. However, the mighty ocean comes across as a potent obstacle to the fulfillment of their plans. Ramas leadership and natural greatness comes to the fore as the leader of a huge army of bears or rksa and vanars. They decide to build a bridge. However, Rama gets a visit from his fathers spirit, who warns him to rescue his wife within twenty four hours to avoid danger. Bridge Of Rama is also about Hanumans own self-discovery and enlightenment. This incites most of the plot later on in the book. The bears are storehouses of all knowledge from times immemorial. They reveal ancient secrets including events of past lifetimes and also their past incarnations. Hanuman learns the long concealed secret of his birth and discovers his own special powers. Being the illegitimate offspring of wind God Marut, he crosses the ocean in one leap to rescue Sita. Ravana appears surprisingly courteous and gentle. This radically different personality is a disguise for Ravanas attempt to paint Rama as evil and vilify his name. Sita refuses to let Hanuman rescue her and desires a final confrontation between Ravana and Rama. Ravana would then be exposed and Rama given his true heroic due. Hanuman goes on a rampage, beating all opponents before being captured. He ultimately escapes and brings Sitas message to Rama along with warning of the fierce battle that lay ahead. Bridge Of Rama looks at the problems arising from blind hollow devotion and faith, demanded by Ravana. Ravana only uses his subjects for his various ends; he is a subtle dictator of sorts.

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