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The relationship between a parent and a child is one rife with a multifarious array of experiences that can easily shuttle from being satisfying to being stressful and testing. This self-help book has been developed keeping in mind the intricacy involved in such a cherished bond and counselor Dange opens her bag of secrets and truths to guide parents across the minefield in the best possible manner. More ABCs Of Parenting has 40 chapters, each deals with alphabets and the corresponding lesson that the author so includes. The book begins with a chapter on A which she holds accountable for dispensing with the skill of apologies. B stands for boundaries and bullying while C stands for comparisons, counselor and criticism. The author maintains a distance from making a single point in her discussions as each chapter includes a multifaceted look at the subject at hand. The book couples suggestions and resolutions to help with the concerns involved in everyday parenting but most importantly it bestows upon readers ample food for thought that is crucial to understanding the responsibility of parenthood. She avoids the use of clinical jargon and the use of strong judgements making it a fair read which is completely accessible. The book explains the changes that children undergo through the different stages of growth. Apart from advice on larger concerns that aid in the development of a well rounded individual, the books also engages the mundane and smaller issues at hand with ready to use advice. This includes getting children to stop their tantrums and even getting a stubborn child to sleep. The beauty of More ABCs Of Parenting stems from the reasoning that Dange uses to explain the methods and suggestions that she includes through the book. Family counselor, Gouri Dange has presented this book keeping in mind new and young parents.

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