The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2 Kaurava

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The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2: Kaurava begins with Emperor Yudhisthir and Empress Draupadi, ruling over the unified kingdom of Aryavarta. The kingdom was put together for them by Govinda, with blessings from the Firewrights. In the second part of the chronicles, the Firewrights rise up from ashes of history, divided in their allegiance and purpose, and ready to wreak havoc on the kingdom. As sinister plots and treacherous allegiances form, the once noble land transforms into a nightmare. The Emperor gambles away the empire, while the empress is sent into exile as various factions within the realm congregate to conquer and destroy each other. Govinda is left a broken man, with shattered dreams. He knows that the only way to protect the Empress and the land is by playing a life-threatening game. But will Govinda be able to reveal Vyasas terrifying secrets, which have been kept in absolute secrecy thus far? Secrets that can potentially destroy the Firewrights and the Firstborn? The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2 Kaurava was published in 2013.

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