Moghlai Khana

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The Mughal emperors left behind a wide array of things such as beautiful building, arches and palaces. But their biggest contribution has been to Indian food. It is well known that the kings and nawabs of the Mughal era were very fond of delicious food and would even reward their chefs for new innovations. This book is a compilation of ? rich and delectable recipes that have each been tried and tested by me and my team of experts.

Mughlai food is rich in cream and uses oodles of ghee. Though mostly considered to be non-vegetarian in nature Mughlai food has loads of great vegetarian delicacies. This book includes a lot of recipes that have been altered to substitute the meat for other vegetarian ingredients such as paneer or vegetables. Mint and coriander leaves are also used in large quantities in mughlai cooking. One of the most prized ingredients in Indian cooking, saffron is used not only in desserts but also while preparing subzis, rotis and rice or pulaos. Dry fruits such as almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts and raisins are a favorite with the Mughals and used abundantly in lots of preparations such as? Cashew nuts are used in gravies in the form of a paste for thickening. If required you could substitute these with melon seeds. Mughlai food is very spicy and full of fat and traditionally most deep-frying is done in ghee. For those of you who are weight conscious substituting the ghee for oil is an option.

This book is a compilation of 8 great sections. They are: Drinks which include cooling sherbets such as Angoor ka Sherbat, page? and Kesar Chandan Sherbat, page? Starters and Shorbas include delicious melt in your mouth kebabs such as Moong Dal Seekh Kebab, page?, Paneer which includes exciting yet classic dishes such as Nawabi Paneer, page? and Kadhai Paneer, page?.., Vegetable dishes cooked in a delectable style that include Tava Mushroom, page? and Vegetable Akbari, page?.., the essential Dals such as Dal Makhni, page? and Darbari Dal, page?.., Rotis that taste wonderful enough to be eaten just by themselves like Laccha Parathas, page? and Khus Khus ki Puri, page?.., Rice and Biryanis with scintillating additions such as Zaffrani Chawal, page? and Chatpati Subzi Biryani, page?.., and, the best part of the meal, Dessert, includes classics like the Shahi Tukda, page? and Dry Fruit Kesar Kulfi, page?..

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