CM to PM Narendra Modi

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Telling the story of Narendra Modi and the state of Gujarat is not easy because so many things are fiercely contested. It is not wrong to call him a man of his time. Modi over the last more than one decade was able to brave through the challenges from all corners?political rivals in Congress and other secularists, international community, NGOs, media and forces within his own party. To describe in one sentence why should Narendra Modi be considered a successful political leader, one must say it�s his ability to pluck victory from defeat and rather do it single-handedly. He has completed around 12 years as Chief Minister of Gujarat. During these 12 years he created �Gujarat Model of Development� BJP appointed Modi as party�s prime minister nominee in September 2013. After that he addressed rallies at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jodhpur, Baharaich, Patna, Imphal etc. etc. and highlighted his �model of development� in all walks of life?education, social upliftment, law and order, employment, agriculture, defence, foreign relations, etc. etc. Due to his clear vision, people of the country started thinking him as the right choice for the top post. Narendra Modi represents some �uniqueness� on the national political scene in more ways than one. He has a very humble political background and from the hind side, he has or had nothing in his favour?the caste, the political party and even the family background. He attained an incredible success in last decade. And the big debate on what makes Narendra Modi click; one reason that could be attributed is the �Single-minded determination to march ahead�. In this book, the authors have tried to highlight his vision for overall development of our country and its people because of his past achievements and ability to maintain peace and harmony.

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