Someone Like You

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Niharika Singh is the protagonist of Someone Like You. She is a normal girl with whom many young women can identify with. Shy, having low self esteem, and lacking confidence, Niharika feels nonexistent and ugly, until the day her sister Simran gives her a makeover. This transforms Niharika, and helps her realize that she is a beautiful, young woman after all. She soon decides to attend college in a new city. Niharika�s adventure truly begins when she befriends three boys, Karthik, Akshat, and Tanmay. Of the three, Tanmay becomes her best friend, Akshat remains out of bounds, because he is her sister�s ex-boyfriend, and Karthik remains a mystery, for whom Niharika has conflicted feelings. But later, Niharika discovers that his aggressiveness is simply a blanket to hide his past. She also goes on to make friends with Pia, who is also her roommate. Things start to spice up when Tanmay develops an interest for Pia. Pia begins reciprocating the same, but she is also involved in a long distance relationship with another boy named Vishal. Niharika and Akshat also begin to question their feelings for each other, adding more spice to the saga. Although readers are expecting unresolved love stories, the novel takes unexpected twists and turns, much to the readers� surprise. Someone Like You was published in 2013 by Penguin. It debuted at the number 5 spot in Hindustan Times.

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