Master Of The Game

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Master of The Game revolves around the MacGregor/Blackwell family and Kate Blackwell in particular. Kate is one of the richest and most powerful women in the world. The story starts with her ninetieth birthday celebration which is attended by other powerful people and dignitaries. She is hugely enigmatic with innumerable mysteries surrounding her. Her father earned riches beyond his imagination a long time back as a diamond prospector. Her mother, on the other hand, was born to a sly Afrikaner merchant. Her birthday celebrations see participation and toasts from prominent people like a judge of the Supreme Court. The White House also sends a telegram. The old lady herself sees the specters of long gone friends and enemies surround her on her birthday. Master Of The Game takes readers on a thrilling ride of suspense, ambition, murder, blackmail, lust, vengeance, hate, wealth and power. Born out of vengeance, Kate recounts these absent supernatural beings, all part of her empire. There are umpteen twists in the plot to keep the audience guessing till the very end. Sidney Sheldon is one of the masters of this genre and this story is one of his best works and is guaranteed to keep readers hooked till the last page. Master Of The Game reached the top position on the New York Times Bestseller List and remained entrenched for eleven weeks. It also became the United States fourth best selling novel for the year 1982. It was also picked up by The Literary Guild as a Main Selection. Rosemont Productions International Ltd. and CBS Television made it into an acclaimed mini series on television which even received an Emmy nomination.

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