The Twits

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The Twits might well be Roald Dahls finest portrayal of disgusting protagonists. It is part of Dahls books for children and revolves around the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Twit. The book is superbly enhanced and livened up by the addition of illustrations by Quentin Blake. The Twits gives readers an intricate picture of this disgusting couple. Some of their quirks include worms in spaghetti, frogs in beds and eyeballs in drinks. Ugly and nasty to the very core, the couple keeps fighting and playing tricks on each other constantly throughout the book. They are defined by their hatred for children and baths. This makes them horrid, smelly and outright avoidable. Worst of all, Mr. and Mrs. Twit keep monkeys imprisoned and caged in their back garden. The Twits is all about outwitting and overpowering the horrible Twits. The monkeys play a vital role in the scheme of things. The most ugly and smelly individuals across the entire world, the Twits even get hold of innocent birds for their Bird Pies. They even make the Muggle-Wumps, their imprisoned monkeys, stand on their heads throughout the day. The Twits is about a quest for revenge carried out by the Muggle-Wump monkeys. The Muggle-Wump monkeys have a strong desire to take revenge on Mr. and Mrs. Twit due to the prolonged torture and cruelty that they are subjected to on a daily basis.

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