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Avenger begins with the story of Calvin Dexter. Dexter is a lawyer who has recently moved into a small town and set up his practice. He is a superbly fit athlete in his fifties, and holds a secret identity as The Avenger, a man who brings international criminals in the United States to justice.

When a young American volunteer, Ricky Colenso, is murdered while on a humanitarian mission in Bosnia, the boy�s grandfather, a powerful Canadian businessman, Stephen Edmonds, hires Dexter to track down the killer. The killer is identified as Zoran Zilic, a hit-man who works for the Serbian forces.

In parallel, the book also uncovers Dexter�s past and explains the story behind his motivation to work as the Avenger. Dexter is revealed to be a decorated Vietnam War veteran, a member of the elite Tunnel Rats who hunted the Vietcong in their underground refuge. When his daughter is taken away and eventually murdered by a group of Latinos, Dexter tracks down the gang in Panama and executes them. On his return, he learns his wife has committed suicide, unable to deal with her daughter�s death. This forces Dexter to take up a new identity, and he moves into a small town to start over again, in an attempt to move away from his past.

Cut to the present, Dexter learns that Zoran Zilic has become a rich man, with his profits from dealing in drugs and contraband, and that he is now living in a fortified residence in the fictional country of San Martin in South America. He faces other complications during his mission, mainly in the form of the CIA. The CIA is planning to use Zilic�s special knowledge to track down and eliminate a huge threat to America�s security, a terrorist called Osama Bin Laden.

The CIA tries everything to stop the Avenger, while he does everything that he can to bring Zilic to the US to face justice for his crimes.

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