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ublished in 2007, Jinx is another of meg Cabots young adult novel. The story revolves around a teenage protagonist named Jean "Jinx" Honeychurch. She is a sixteen-year-old girl who is prone to misfortunes. She believes she was born with bad luck and since her day of birth in Iowa. Soon she is forced to move from her hometown to be with her Uncle Ted and Aunt Evelyn in New York, after a boy starts stalking her. She believes that she is responsible for casting a spell on the boy that made him fall for her. As she takes on the journey to New York, she expects to get rid of all the misfortunes and stay away from magic but soon her hopes are to be shattered. In New York, she figures out that her cousin Tory is into magic, is on drugs, and is friends with the wrong people. She tries to stay away from her cousin but the story takes a turn when she falls for a senior named Zach, who is a friend of Tory. Jean happens to save Zach from a bad accident, with the help of a premonition, and soon Tory realizes that Jean is not as ordinary as she pretends to be. Tory compels Jean to join their group to enhance the power of their coven of witches. Jean, on the other hand, is not ready to accept that she is a witch and denies joining the group. Tory gets further annoyed because of Jeans affection towards Zach whom Tory loves. Tory burns with rage and decides to take a drastic revenge. As the story further unfolds, Jinx has to go through the darker sides of magic and has to deal with voodoo dolls and dead rats. She comes to terms with the fact that Tory is hiding something dangerous that could be harmful for everybody involved. Will Tory be able to destroy Jinx and take her revenge? Will the fact that she is a witch help Jinx in any manner to come out of all this? Jinx is a story filled with magic, romance, revenge, and thrill elements that are sure to spell a cast on not only the young but even the adult readers

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