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Sethiji revolves around the shrewd head of the ABSP party, a coalition partner in the government, and his family which includes his 2 sons and a daughter-in-law, Amrita. Sethiji is described as a corrupt politician who is currently facing a crisis in the party while trying to land a highways deal for his industrialist friends. Adding to this, is the embarrassing son who raped a pahadi girl. He continues an affair with Amrita, who is just as power hungry as Sethji and bored with her borderline-impotent husband. Sethji appoints Amrita to set things right, who in turn seeks the help of MK a Bollywood producer, lawyer and a fixer.

The book continues to add characters in almost every chapter such as Simran the starlet with the bushy armpits, the industrialist Jaiprakash who is trying to come to terms with the fact that his mother has had an affair with her own nephew, Himmatram. Sethji packs an ample amount of sex, sleaze, and greed with Indian politics as the backdrop.

De, with her colourful descriptions of Seth as a ball-scratching, toad of a man and of Amrita as the power-hungry daughter-in-law who would even change her in-laws soiled diapers, does not fail to captivate readers through this well written book.

Sethji was released in 2012.

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