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India is set to become one of the major economies in the twenty first century. However, there are many unanswered questions that remain, such as whether this growth can be sustained as well as what its impact will be on the nations stability. Tully is well-known for his non-opinionated writing style, and in this book, he presents the readers with detailed insights into the current events in the nation of India. He explains in Non-Stop India that India is basically divided into two classes, which are the contented and the discontented. The contented look into the future with great excitement, while its the opposite for the latter.

Tully travels throughout the nation, and comes in contact with individuals from both classes of society, and explores the reason behind the extreme views. In this book, Tully deals with ten aspects of rural India, which includes the caste conflict, entrepreneurship, derelict North-eastern states, the saving of wildlife and forests, the conflict between English and regional languages, the naxalite movement, community building, the future of farming, regional fundamentalism, and creating and manipulation of vote banks. He begins to expand on the subject of corruption in the country, and talks about the scams being exposed.

However, there hasnt been any justice for those subject to corruption. Tully still believes that there is a bright future for India, and that corruption might end soon with social activism, education, communication technology, bringing down caste barriers, entrepreneurship, aggressive vote banks, and environmental damage awareness. He also throws light on the current democratic process, which is now being suppressed.

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