A Writer'S Nightmare : Selected Essays (1958-1988)

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The pick of thirty years of essays from R.K. Narayan, India greatest English language novelist.

R.K. Narayan is perhaps better known as a novelist, but his essays are as delightful and enchanting as his stories and novels. Introducing this selection of essays, Narayan writes, I have always been drawn to the personal essay in which you see something of the author himself apart from the theme...the scope for such a composition is unlimitedthe mood may be sombre, hilarious or satirical and the theme may range from what the author notices from his window to what he sees in his waste-paper basket to a world cataclysm.A Writers Nightmare is the marvellous result of Narayans liking for the personal essay. In the book, he tackles subjects such as weddings, mathematics, coffee, umbrellas, teachers, newspapers, architecture, monkeys, the caste system, loversall sorts of topics, simple and not so simple, which reveal the very essence of India.

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