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Bankerupt has three different tracks that run parallel and are interwoven with each other. Readers first meet Cirisha Narayanan, a professor, teaching at the prestigious MIT in Boston. Honesty is of utmost importance to her. Her life turns upside down when she learns of her husband�s elaborate scheme for a financial fraud. Being a principled woman, she threatens to expose her husband�s wrongdoings unless he mends his ways. Does this give the husband a motive for murder?

Bankerupt then paints a picture of Aditya Raisinghania, Cirisha�s husband. He is a banker and loves taking risks even if it involves malpractices. He makes use of his skill and the people he knows to come up with a racket that will take him up the corporate ladder. However, the bank soon finds out about his deceptive ways and he loses his job. Following a huge showdown with his wife, he becomes the main accused in the murder. But does that prove his innocence and clear his name?

The third track revolves around Cirisha�s father, a businessman. He is influenced by his son-in-law�s malpractices and wishes to make a quick buck with illegal schemes. Will his daughter find out about this? How far does he go in his desire to get rich quickly? All three tracks come neatly tied together at the end, leading to a nail-biting finish.

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