The Orange Hangover

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The Orange Hangover, a work of fiction by Rahul Saini, features the story of a young architect who has been lucky enough to have led the coolest of lifestyles, with the best of friends for company, a lucrative job in his pocket, and a girlfriend in his arms.

Unfortunately for him, his cool lifestyle is now a thing of the past, as an unforeseen circumstance bundles him off to his small hometown, where good restaurants and cool parties seem to be nowhere in sight. His move also ensures that his friends are a long way off from home and to top it all off, his relationship with his girlfriend is on shaky ground. As if things aren�t bad enough, he manages to embroil himself in a terrible crime. While the whole town thinks of him as nothing but a basket case, there is one girl who seems to understand him. Now, if only she weren�t so tongue-tied.

Being the protagonist, he is expected to follow his heart, win the heart of his dream girl, and be absolved of all crime, which is definitely a tall order for anyone. As for the outcome, only time will tell if he manages to bring his life under control. The book offers a funny take on life, touching on various topics such as learning from one�s experience, standing up for personal values, and helping others in times of need.

The Orange Hangover was published in 2012. It has received mainly positive reviews.

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