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Absolute Khushwant details the life of Khushwant Singh, a man whose name has powerful connotations. Currently 95 years old, Singh has made a number of contradictory statements and taken strong stances over the years. Yet the fact remains that he is a legend in his own right.

Being an agnostic, Khushwant Singh is an expert on the Holy Scriptures. He has always defended free democratic speech even during the state of Emergency. A complex man, he sees the beauty and simplicity in the world tarnished with corruption and hostility.

What is the most striking feature about Singh is his absolute honesty. Whether it is his life, his work, or his personal issues and problems, he has always been truthful. He is known to have written various letters on a range of subjects from the philosophies of achieving happiness, faith, and so on.

Born in 1915, Khushwant Singh has witnessed the pre and post partition events and the immense trauma faced by his country. He has also spoken extensively about the political figures who have shaped India to what it is today.

In Absolute Khushwant, Singh talks about his personal achievements and failures. Having had an extensive career spanning over sixty years as a journalist, editor, and writer, he has always stood out due to his radical and sometimes controversial statements. However, his views have always been insightful and mark his ability to foresee a lot of events in the near future.

Absolute Khushwant is an honest take on Singhs life that deals with numerous secrets and confessions. His fears, his deep longings, and people he liked and disliked are all dealt with in this work. He even talks about his marriage and more.

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