Never Let Me Go

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Samar is happy with his life. He is pursuing an Engineering Degree, has a beautiful girlfriend and it seems as if everything is going good for him. Life works in mysterious ways, though. A problem in Samar�s relationship with his girlfriend throws everything into disarray.

has three choices now. He can either face his problems head on and try to solve them. Or, he could give up and do something he would regret to all eternity. His last choice is that he could run away from his life and start afresh. He decides to leave his course midway and quit his stable relationship and runs away to Goa.

In Goa, Samar is far away from the reaches of his previous secure life. With the help of a friend, he renovates a shack on the beach. Here, he begins his new dangerous life, hosting parties, getting into trouble and handling trouble makers. He also has frequent run-ins with the local police. Samar meets many new people in his new life in Goa. Will he successfully escape into his new life or will his old life catch up with him?

Never Let Me Go is an exciting tale, full of adventures and unforeseen events of the twenty first year of Samar�s life.

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