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Anthem is set in a dark age in which the concept of individuality is completely eliminated. The protagonist of the novel is Equality 7-2521, who is a 6 foot tall, 21 year old male. He begins to document his experiences about events around him, and his emigration. The World Council had planned to destroy all individualist ideas, which led to serious consequences such as death, if a person even uttered I, me, ego or myself. He recounts the time when he was growing up, and was placed in the Home of the Infants, followed by the Home of the Students to complete his education.

Equality 7-2521 was different from the rest of the people around him, as he desired to think and achieve his goals. Although he was extremely good at math and science, Equality 7-2521 was placed by the Council of Vocations in the Home of the Street Sweepers. He always dreamt of becoming a Scholar. One day, Equality 7-2521 went to work outside the city, and fell in love with a woman, Liberty 5-3000, whom he names The Golden One. Liberty 5-3000 then names Equality The Unconquered Equality soon rediscovers electricity, and desires to present it to the World Council of Scholars. After being arrested due to his absence from the Home of the Street Sweepers, he eventually escapes after being tortured. The World Council of Scholars reject his work, as they believe his work could disrupt the peace in the world. When they try to destroy his invention, Equality takes it, and runs into the Uncharted Forest. Is Equality able to display his invention to the world or is he captured and thrown in prison? This book answers these questions and more.

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