Alexander Child Of Dream

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Alexander (Volume 1) begins with Philip II of Macedonia and Queen Olympias expecting the birth of their child. The queen has a strange dream, and on consulting the Oracle of Dodona, it is proclaimed that the child to be born to her will be the son of Zeus, the king of the Gods, and is destined for greatness. The child is eventually born, and is named Alexander. Alexander's father Philip is an ambitious man and has grand plans for expanding the Macedonian empire. Alexander grows up admiring his father's courage and imbibing his vision. Alexander and his friends including Ptolemy, Hephaestion, Seleucus, and Philotas are initially educated by Leonidas who teaches them the art of warfare and instils in them the values of pride, courage, and magnanimity. Later, Philip sends his son and his friends to the great Greek philosopher Aristotle who teaches them science, literature, and philosophy. Alexander manages to tame a wild horse that no one else can, and names the horse Bucephalus. The two develop a close bond and Bucephalus stays with Alexander for life. Meanwhile, Alexander's relationship with his father is strained when Philip gets married to Eurydice. At one point, Alexander is forced to leave the palace. Alexander is very close to his sister Cleopatra, and just before she is to be married, a reconciliation is effected between Alexander and his father. Alexander (Volume 1) charts Alexander�s life and the obstacles he had to overcome to become one of the greatest men in history.

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