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Ka embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind a string of suicides among teenage girls and in the process once again reconnect with a woman he once loved. Snow effectively lays bare the political struggles, ideological tension and mystic influences that shaped Turkey at the time. The suicide of a young teenage girl called Teslime sets off the events in Snow. Ka arrives at Kars for his mothers funeral and reunites with Ipek, the woman who had once held sway over his heart. He is hired to cover the municipal elections by a local newspaper, while investigating the suicide cases. Ka and Ipek witness the shooting of a local director of the Institution of Education, who banned headscarves in school, which supposedly drives Teslime and the other teenagers to take the extreme step of suicide. Protesting the ban are the headscarf girls led by Kadife, Ipeks younger sister. Islamic feminist sentiment is portrayed through these headscarf girls, especially Kadife. Blue is another important character that Ka encounters. The former is a radical muslim who is a charismatic person eliciting the loyalty of many followers. The growing tension between the radicals and traditionalists is portrayed in a televised play at the National Theatre. The stage becomes a central platform for both metaphorical and literal emancipation. Snow plays an important part in the novel, almost like another character. The town is cut off from the rest of the world due to incessant snow, thus providing for a tense and potentially lethal environment. Each character represents the struggles of a divided society that is trying to form an identity and the sacrifices that occur along the way of this tumultuous journey.

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