Fifty Shades Freed

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Anastasia met the business magnate Christian Grey, and through a single meeting, a sensual affair that is bound to shock and titillate the most liberal of minds ensued. The ghosts of Greys past constantly tested the affair and although Ana knew the complexity of her fifty shadesthere is no easy way to tackle a fascinating man with repulsive tastes. As she demands more than what Grey wills her to have, they grow apart only to be consumed further into their relationship which now must brave the trials that loving another involves. Fifty Shades Freed opens with Ana and Grey finally together after the tumultuous affair they shared in the last two books are consummated. Ana is prepared to brave every battle for her part in this relationship but sometimes when fate deals a bad hand, there is really little chance in braving its trials. With Grey acquiring a company called SIP, Ana is still struggling with Christians past and his controlling behavior, the couple is battling more than anyones fair share of woes. But there is more to this love affair than meets the eye of any common spectator or reader, as these two young adults believe in the power of their commitment. And this tides them across to better times. Although it might seem that their love survives the perils of life, they are tested yet again and this time, it is much worse than anything that both of them had anticipated, much less prepared for. The plot takes another turn when Mia is kidnapped and held for ransom. E. L. James delivers a powerful close to the immensely popular trilogy through this book. Fifty Shades Freed engages the themes of past trauma in a most engaging manner in which both Ana and Christian are embroiled in and conflicted with. It was published in 2012 and opened to commercial acclaim.

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