Games People Play

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Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships helps provide the readers with insights into what goes on during most of their social interactions. Berne tells the readers about transactional analysis, which can be utilized for interpreting social interactions. He also examines three roles, which is that of a Parent, Child, and Adult. He explains that a vast majority of behavioral issues stem from confusion of these roles. Berne makes use of an example to illustrate his proposition, which is an office setting where a parent-like boss begins to exercise his authority on his employees. This often results in rebellion, and child-like reactions from his employees. He also explains that infants can slip into irreversible physical and mental decline due to lack of physical handling. Berne also goes on to throw light on certain studies that elucidate that temporary psychosis may occur due to sensory deprivation in adults. He explains that adults need to interact with individuals, as much as children need to, however, it may not always be possible to do so. This causes an individual to seek emotional strokes from others, which Berne describes as the fundamental unit of social action. He then uses this illustration to explain that exchanging strokes is a transaction, hence the term, Transactional Analysis. Berne begins to tackle the issue of games played by individuals. He examines one of the most common statements people make, especially married couples, which is If it werent for you. He says that one partner often complains that the other often poses a roadblock in their attempts to do something they want. However, Berne throws light on the fact that individuals actually make such statements to throw the ball in someone elses court, as a means of camouflaging their own weaknesses.

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