The Universe In A Nutshell

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The Universe, it is mysterious and fascinating. It has teased and challenged the human intellect for millennia. How did it come to be? Why does it exist? What are its origins? What are the mysteries contained within it, and what might or might not be outside it?
So many questions of this sort have been explored. Some have been answered, some not, while the solutions for some puzzles have thrown up more questions. For the scientist and for the aficionado, it is a thrilling ride, exploring the unknown.
In The Universe In A Nutshell, Hawking slows down to hold hands with his readers, as he takes them on a journey through the Universe, and the theoretical physics concepts that try to understand its secrets.

He helps the readers peek into the world of string theories and quantum physics. He explores the possibilities of finding a Theory of Everything that will ultimately reveal all the secrets of the cosmos, explain how everything works.

Meanwhile, he shows the readers the possibilities of the superstring theory and the p-branes. He explores the idea of combining Einstein�s Theory of Relativity with the idea of multiple histories, that could possibly explain all aspects of the Universe and its functioning.

Hawking shows the reader the magic of quantum theory and explains just how this seemingly endless Universe could have come out of what was practically a tiny invisible dot of concentrated energy.

Filled with colorful illustrations that reveal many mind-blowing facets of the universe, The Universe In A Nutshell lets the reader explore the Universe at their own pace, as the author reveals one mystery after another, and explains the ways in which physicists are trying to solve all the puzzles surrounding the space that we live in.

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