99 Thoughts On Ganesha

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Lord Ganesha, with the head of an elephant, is one of the most well-known Hindu Gods. He is said to be the remover of obstacles and is revered before the start of any auspicious ceremony. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in his honour every year in India at a very large scale.

99 Thoughts On Ganesha is a book that describes everything about the Elephant God. The author has researched ancient scriptures, rituals, mythology, vedic and tantric schools, and even temple folklore to provide comprehensive details about Ganesha. The book narrates stories and provides the reasons behind his alternate names like Lambodara, Vinayak, and Pillayar. For instance, the book clarifies that he got the name Vinayak as he was created solely by his mother Parvati and not his father Shiva, as Vina means without and Nayaka means man. The section titled Representations in this book covers the thirty-two forms of the lord. Some forms include Maha Ganapathi, Sakti Ganapathi, Ucchisha Ganapathi, and Lakshmi Ganapathi.

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