The Puffin History Of India For Children Volume 2

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The Puffin : History Of India For Children 1947 To The Present (Volume - 2) follows closely the time post Indian independence when the country was gradually assimilating itself with the help of a handful of efficient statesmen. These first few years saw some rapid developments culminating in the first Republic day celebration in 1950 and the first general elections in 1952. From the formation of the constitution of India, establishment pillars of judiciary and legislative sectors, the declaration of Emergency, the replacement of Congress Party by the Janata government under the leadership of Morarji Desai to Indira Gandhi�s return and finally her assassination all such historical markers are enumerated in detail. The book covers half a decade after independence, investigating into the causes and results of the three wars that India faced during these years - Indo-China War of 1962, the war with Pakistan in 1965, and the 1971 Bangladesh War.

The Puffin : History Of India For Children 1947 To The Present (Volume - 2) does not discuss solely the political aspects of the post Independence times but also takes into account the various cultural, social, and economical changes that took place. It is full of vivid descriptions and interesting narration which gives the reader an all round knowledge of the time concerned. A single chapter is devoted to the separate history of each and every Indian state and union territory.

The engaging style of narration makes this book a good way for young readers to begin their acquaintance with the history of their country.

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