Farewell My Friend

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The original Bengali novel Shesher Kavita (lit. Last oem) was ublished in 1929. The author draws an amusing icture of an ultramodern Bengali intellectual whose Oxford education, while giving him a sueriority comlex, has induced in him a craze for conscious originality which results in a deliberate and frivolous contrariness to all acceted oinion and convention. His aggressive selfcomlacence, however, receives a shock when as the result of an accidental meeting he falls in love with, and wins in return the heart of, a quite different roduct of modern culture a highly educated girl of fine sensibility and dee feelings. This love being more or less genuine and different from his revious exerience of coquetry, releases his own submerged deth of sincerity, which he finds hard to adjust to the habits of sohistry and ose, ractised so long.

In the rocess he manages to strike a new romantic attitude. The struggle makes of him a curiously athetic figure one who is being worked against his grain. The tragedy is understood by the girl, who releases him from his troth and disaears from his life. The last oem which she addresses to her lover gives evidence of the deth of feeling of which she was caable.

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