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When it comes to social connections and being a part of the popular milieu, Suhel Seth is the right guide. A part of the creme-de-la-creme of the social circuit in New Delhi, Seth knows just how to win some friends and go a long way.

This book is divided into four parts and contains 10 rules that its readers can follow in order to be successful. He touches upon some very crucial points. For one, he states that it is not enough to know the affluent crowd and chase them in order to get them to take notice. That�s a weak strategy that will never work.

Seth explains that In order to attract people, one has to first be a person of knowledge. He advises his readers to read, analyse, and form an opinion, and states that being aware of things is important and having an individual perspective of things is primary. Everyone loves a person who knows enough about the world to be able to hold his or her own fort in a debate. It goes to show that the individual is a person of substance and people will flock towards him in search of a good time and some intelligent conversation.

Seth mentions that once this has been established, the going might get tough, because making friends is easier than maintaining them. He advises his readers to maintain friendships even with people that they disagree with. He implores his readers not to judge a person�s character or indulge in gossiping as it fosters negativity and turns people against each other.

Seth states that Googling an important person�s name in order to know them better is ill-advised because it affects natural interaction. Also, he states that one should never seek to turn one�s friends into clients, but should try to strike a friendship with one�s clients. While clients are demanding, friendships thrive on equality and compromise. Making friends out of clients is an exercise that takes serious effort. According to the author, honesty and sincerity at work will go a long way to ensure that even if the partnership dies, the friendship can continue.

With his book, Seth advises his readers on how they can use the qualities of trust, respect, and loyalty to increase their self-worth and also their social influence. Released in 2011, this book was published by Random House India.

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