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How To Change Things When Change Is Hard is a book for all those times in life when change is inevitable and, worse, hard. Change is always hard to deal with. It brings with it a need to settle into a new rhythm, a new groove, and almost certainly requires one to leave their cozy comfort zone and venture out into a new territory, one where new things have to be learnt, and most likely through mistakes. And then comes the dreaded time when one feels like giving up. Through Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard, the reader begins to realize that much of our focus is laid on the obstacles that come with change, rather than our goal. The authors Chip and Dan Heath strive to tackle this very aspect of resolving change. They argue, that to be able to switch to a new pattern of thinking, one needs to understand how the mind works. The insightful ideas presented in the book are backed by both scientific facts and data and stories of transformation that have occurred in real life, such as the remarkable change in a companys finances and a turnaround in a couples marriage. They demonstrate with ease that it only takes simple methods to create breakthrough results in our lives. The Heath brothers have adopted a conversational style of writing in this book, making it an easy read.

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