Whale Done!

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It might be strange when the author claims to draw inspiration for building successful relationships from deadly sea creatures. But, he feels that a lot can be learnt from them and their trainers. An important technique that trainers use while dealing with whales is positive reinforcement, which the author believes is the key to successful relationships. Whale Done: The Power Of Positive Relationships tells the story of Wes Kingsley, a cynical family man and manager on a visit to Sea World. He is immediately astounded at the way dangerous killer whales have been trained to perform acrobatic feats like leaps and dives to amuse the audience. He then learns from the trainers that they always highlight and applaud positive behaviour and redirect the whales' negative behaviour. He realizes that this is an important technique towards building trust. Wes soon realises the folly in his own behaviour at home and in the workplace and how this pushes people away. He understands the distinct responses that come with catching people doing something right or doing something wrong. Whale Done: The Power Of Positive Relationships tells readers that just like whales, even people respond better to positivity. Instead of demoralizing people when they do something wrong, one should bring out the positive points in their behaviour. This book provides techniques that people can easily follow to become better spouses, parents, and managers at their workplace. It helps people lead happier lives with harmonious relationships.

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