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Powerful Parenting Principles from a Young Adult Uncommunicative, Self-involved, Rebellious and Rude. There are many ways to describe your teenager. It is easy to point out the things youd love to change about them. But the truth is that you are no closer to finding a way to curb that raging house of hormones than you are to finding a solution to the global economic meltdown. Its there, its in your face and you have to deal with it. Wouldnt you love to know what goes on in that complicated, everevolving mind? Finally, here are some answers for you. Anjaneya Mishras Teenage Blues, Parenting Clues is a bold and comprehensive attempt by a teenager to unravel the teen world for parents. From teenage aspirations, sexuality, attractions and distractions to the acrimonious acne and drug abuse, Anjaneya takes you stepbystep through the maze of surging emotions and tantrums so that you can finally make sense of the tumult that is your teenager.

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