Owning Up

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The subprime mortgage caught many financial service giants unaware, and reached far beyond trading desks all the way to their boardrooms. Indeed, despite their best efforts to govern properly, boards of directors throughout almost an entire industry missed a critical issue, and compounded that problem by not having robust succession planning to stem the crisis. Can boards do better? This books answers with an emphatic, Yes! Some boards are already doing all the right things. Leadership guru Charan describes the best emerging practices for boards--with real examples of how some of the best in the business solve today's thorniest boardroom problems. Charan helps readers determine whether their boards are owning up to governance by asking the most vital questions, including:

Does our board act with the understanding that shareholders, analysts and the media will look to it (and not just the CEO) if performance is sub-par?
Is this board more effective than the competitors'?
Are we behaving as if we own the business to make money for the long haul?
How do we deal with imminent threats to the business?
Do we know who our next CEO will be?
Are we paying for the performance we're getting?
How do we keep the board evergreen?

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