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The book Tell Me Why has hundreds of answers to questions which comes to our mind in our day to day life. For students it is an ideal book that features answers to interesting questions from such subjects as science, geography and history. The book is also apt for teachers and for various school projects. The book comes handy when we are being confronted with questions to which we have no answers. Several questions from all fields are discussed and elaborated upon to help readers get an in-depth knowledge about the unknown. Tell Me Why gives answers to such interesting and fascinating questions as Why rainforests in danger, Why do we dream?, Why is snow white?, Why do we have seasons, Why do birds sing?and hundreds of others. There are answers to intriguing questions which never occurred in our mind. The book is a useful resource for students preparing for their school projects or for preparing for any quiz event. They can refer to this book for gaining general knowledge in different subjects and in different quiz related questions. As an interesting and fascinating question and answer guide, Tell Me Why should definitely be a part of every home library. The book has received wide appreciation for covering such attention-grabbing questions and supplying detail answers to it. Students and teachers have shown much gratitude to the Octopus Publishing Group for publishing such a resourceful book of question and answers.

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