Ask And It Is Given

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Ask And It Is Given: Learning To Manifest Your Desires presents some of the teachings of the spiritual gurus, Esther and Jerry Hicks. It seeks to enlighten the readers of the fact that each of them has the innate potential to craft a life of happiness and contentment by choosing to cultivate positive thinking. As seen in many of their books, the authors use the non-physical entity called Abraham to guide the readers on the spiritual journey they are about to undertake. Every individual is deserving of the best possible life, worldly status notwithstanding. But, many people are unaware of the fact that several cosmic laws govern their time-space reality and play a significant role in shaping their lives. As a result, when they encounter problems in various aspects of their lives, they are unable to cope properly with the dark and troubled times. With this book, the authors seek to make the readers aware of these universal laws to help them bring a positive and healing flow to their lives. They reveal several powerful processes that can help every individual successfully handle any and all kinds of problems in their relationships, health, career, finances, and more. The book is divided into two parts. The first part presents Abrahams teachings on a variety of topics like creating ones own reality, emotional reactions, and handling unwelcome thoughts. The second part presents several processes taught by Abraham such as Evaluating Dreams, The Prosperity Game, and Moving Up The Emotional Scale. This book was first published in 2005 by Hay House. This edition is a 2009 reprint.

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