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Tidal is the third book in Amanda Hocking’s young adult paranormal fantasy series.

Summary of the Book

Gemma’s powers have only been a curse to her so far. She faces terrifying odds, but at least she’s not alone: Harper is on her side. Gemma has finally found a way to break this curse but doing so might be her greatest challenge. Now, the deadly creatures who cursed her, Penn, Lexi and Thea, are trying to do their best to kill her. Penn is also eying Daniel, the man Harper loves, and she is determined to have him at any cost. As Gemma and Harper race to change their fates forever, they dive into a secret world of eternal secrets. The answers they seek lie in their adversaries’ past, and they must risk everything to find them: even going so far as to lose themselves in this world. However, none of this is of any use if they can’t get rid of the curse once and for all. To add fuel to the fire, one of the girls isn’t what she seems. Gemma will have to trust an unlikely friend to save herself. But can she beat the curse even with all the help she can get?

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