No Good Men Among the Living

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Through the lives of three Afghans, Anand Gopal tells the tale of how the United States failed to take down the Taliban when it had a chance in No Good Men Among the Living.

Summary of the Book

A Taliban commander who rose from a scrawny teenager to a leading insurgent, a warlord funded by the US and who uses their military for personal gain, and a village housewife who cannot choose sides. Through the stories of these people, the author etches out the tale of the War on Terror in Afghanistan. Since the atrocity of 9/11, Afghanistan has paid in blood and sweat for the sins of the Taliban. Despite its portrayal as a bleak quagmire with no win in sight, the war was not quite as hopeless as it seemed. The leaders of the Taliban had tried to surrender within months of the invasion. They’d stopped all their activities and operations. However, the US refused to believe something of this sort could be possible. They relied on the information supplied by their allies. This intelligence led them to believe that the war needed to go on, that the Taliban was still at work. This book blends original reporting with intimate accounts of the war in Afghanistan.

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