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Most business strategy and self improvement books are dry and boring. This one is none of those. It was the right mix of tech language yet some of the more complex ideas were explained in laymans' terms. In each chapter or section, Shane gives multiple examples of what he's trying to explain, and often like a novel, will track 3 or 4 different experiences at once. He'll then bring them all back together by the end of the chapter to make a cohesive point about what he's explaining.

He presents not just the examples that support his ideas, but also gives examples of people who, when faced with similar situations, also fail. This lends some credibility and lets you see what that line is between a "smartcut" and a "shortcut". While there's still a lot of factors that go into creating and capitalizing on a Smartcut, he supports his ideas and the concept well.

At the very least, this book will give you the awareness that climbing the ladder rung by rung is not the only option. It's not always easy to spot and use a Smartcut, but reading this book will help you prepare for doing it. I'd say this book is a lot like Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It's a philosophy and mindset that needs adopted in order to get any benefit. And while it might not always be at the front of your mind, having this knowledge in your back pocket will add to your skillset and strategy as you make your way through your career.

Smartcuts is honestly one of the most well-written books I've read.

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