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“It”, which assumes the form of their deepest fears.

The most horrifying form is that of a clown known as Pennywise. At the same time, the group’s bond deepens as a result of the constant attacks by Henry Bowers, a neighbourhood bully. The Loser’s Club decide to track down the monster and kill It. After eventually tracking it down, a battle of wills occurs called the Ritual of Chud. The group manage to hurt the creature badly. As they flee It’s lair, the group realizes that their collective power, which defeated the creature, was weakening. To remedy this, Beverly proceeds to strengthen the group’s bond. The group take an oath to return, should the monster return once more.

Then the narrative jumps to 1985, where the murders are occurring once more. Mike Hanlon, the only Loser to have remained in Derry, is convinced that It has returned, and decides to call all the other Losers back, reminding them of their binding promise. By this time, each of the six children has grown into adulthood, and have forgotten about the trauma they experienced as children. All except for Stan Uris, who commits suicide, return to Derry and begin piecing their memories. At the same time, each start to have encounters with the monster. “It”, tries to work through Henry Bowers, who now resides in an asylum, to destroy the Losers. Bowers seriously hurts Mike, but the five remaining members manage to return to the sewers and destroy the evil creature for one last time.

It, was a best selling novel in 1986, in the United States. It won the British Fantasy award in 1987. A television adaptation of the book was made in 1990, featuring John Ritter, and Annette O’Toole. In 2012, it was reported by the The Hollywood Reporter, that the book would be turned into a two part film by director Cary Fukunaga.

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It's a wonderful book, I enjoyed reading it !!

  Jan 04 , 2015

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