The Tipping point

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Malcolm Gladwell, the world renowned journalist and author, examines the social epidemics surrounding the lives of common men and offers a fresh perspective on the world. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference is a book that talks about change and helps the reader understand why changes happen so unexpectedly and quickly. Drawing inspiration from sociology, psychology, and epidemiology, the book offers an intellectual adventure story that is loaded with examples from the different worlds of fashion, media, business, and even education. Gladwell defines the three fundamentals that can be applied to social epidemics such as rumors and trends. The bases of his theories are three key points which are The Power of Context, The Stickiness Factor, and The Law of the Few. He makes use of several case studies like the story of the Hush Puppies and the decreasing crime rate in New York City, to prove his point. Tipping point is that magical moment of time when a trend, social behavior, or an idea crosses a threshold and spreads like fire, just like an epidemic. He argues that just the way a sick person can initiate an epidemic of the flu, similarly messages, products, behavior, and ideas can spread like infectious diseases. The book deals with certain specific situations where the concept of tipping point was used and the author explains how this concept can help people solve the numerous problems they encounter in their everyday life.

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