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Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's Dewanandpur born September 15, 1876 (W. Bengal) happened. The famous novelist and story writer reputation as bungalow. He was one of nine children of their parents. Age of eighteen, he passed the intermediate examination. These days, the "stale" (house) wrote a novel called. Sarat Burma in search of employment and became a clerk in the Department of Public Works. His touch was a man named Bangchandra in Burma, which was great scholar, was the drunk and disorderly. Here 'immoral' seeds had the mess mess with descriptions of life love story of the maid. 
Major works: Sarat Chandra wrote several novels, including "Pandit Moshai 'Bavunktter Bill', 'table' Didi, "Drpcuarn 'Srikanth' Arkshniya 'Nishkriti' Mamlar fruit ',' Grihadah 'remaining question,' Datta ',' Devdas', 'Bamhn girl', 'Vipradas' pay dues' on. The revolutionary movement in Bengal 'Pather claimant' novel. His novels include serial and films. 

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