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Heal Yourself explores the secrets of the body and the mind, and the powerful relationship between thoughts and health. Written by the renowned spiritual master Ryuho Okawa, it provides readers with insights into the causes for illnesses that formal medicine does not explore. In the book, the author explores and explains how a person’s thoughts impact their health in many ways besides the obvious. Worry and negative thoughts do not just result in stress, it affects people in much deeper ways.

Thoughts help shape a person’s view of the world and also of themselves. These thoughts and the resultant perspectives then begin to affect a person’s life in many ways. It affects the way they interact with the world, and it also affects the way they interact with themselves. As the author explains in Heal Yourself, each person has a well-defined perspective of themselves in their mind, which the body takes as a blueprint to follow throughout life, in how it behaves and how it reacts to situations.

Thus, a person’s thoughts help shape their health and behavior. Negative thoughts and emotions attract more negativity into their lives and promotes ill health. The way to get out of this is through redefining how a person views themselves. In Heal Yourself, the author provides the readers with deep insights, both spiritual and material, on how to redefine their perspectives.

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